Saturday, August 28, 2010

I found out myself got a little problems. Get emo easily,get jealous easily,get pissed off easily,get stress easily. Screwed it up!:(

Mode math and add math were disaster.
All the homework that made me can't breathe.
The quarrels that i don't want.

Hush hush
Haiz,wad's this now? I really need someone to listen to me right now:( Urghhhhh!!!!! bad mood.haiz:( Headache,headache,headache D: Expecting this holidays would be nice. Pls,can all the stuff get out of my brain?:(

I don wan any cool threats anymore. I really don want. I just need you to talk to me,understand me, sayang me. Haiz,i dont wan anymore quarrels.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

SHOCKio Hotel

Last friday was Datin-farewell day.It was freaking fun:D I wore a white dress and everybody was staring at me 0.o Nevermind, at least they praised me pretty:D Hahaha.. My whole gang said me was like going to marry. Hah,Pheng Siew Ho,Angela Hew, Koo Jia Xin,Jevin Chee and angeline wong. Hah,I wanna say thanks to aun chi and angeline who help me make up:D And the dress from aun chi,it's really beautiful:D Thank you everybody la:D You guys are really my most most most best friends:D Ohya, shock ning and Chee Yuet also very pretty on that day:D my bestie.

Im doing this post without you knowing:P I wanna give you a suprisse:D Sorry about today the dream:( I shouldn't think too much. I should have think what you do for me. I just love the way you talk to me lar:D I'm too into you:) The layer of dust is getting thinner right now. Hope one day it'll all gone:D

drinking HOT bali right now:D See ar, is hot, not cold oh. So guai hor?:P


Monday, July 12, 2010


I skipped school today:D But is becuz of I sick:( I vomitted for sso many times,suffering lar:( Not even have energy to do stuff. I wanna skip tonight tuition too.Hope my mum will let la.

Holland lost to Spain!urgh...

Nevermind, luckily the score is 0-0. If not i gotta pay 5bucks to my dad. SHOOO LUCKY.

Don't need to worry me la. Im okay right now:D I promise you I will be guai guai one. You also can't broke your promise kay?:D


Saturday, July 10, 2010


Hello blog. It's a nice saturday,but i'm stuck here to finish the oh-so-bloody homework.I wan't to go out!:(

The tuition homework dat makes me can't even breathe properly. The piano exam which i wanna kill myself. I hope the results will not that hmmm ugly. I just wan't a pass in my certificate,please bless me GOD. If not I'll die in front of my mum. Die of her nagging,scolding or whatever so.

JULY. A birthday month. Many peoples' birthday:D I gotta choose alot of presents for 'em. STICKYSWEETS,DRESS OR HMMM MAYBE BARBIE DOLL?hahaha..I think the person who receive this present will cry in front of me!hee;D

I'm glad that you created a new blog for me:D I didnt even think of it lar, I thought you were playing at facebook till ignored me and somemore wanna scold you already one. Hee;D Don't angry when see this post,at least i didnt scold you;) I just don't like you scold me, I don't like this feelings. IDONTWANTYOUSCOLDME:( Promise me kay? Don't need worry for my finger lar, it's jus cut little bit only mar:D
FIFA World Cup Final, I gotta watch it:D i should support who? Spain or Holland? But the octopus Paul predicted Spain gonna win, ssooo which shall i support?:D I wanna skip school on Monday. Mum,please let me to ponteng kay?Hope 4Belian got alot of absentees,so that the teachers won't teach. Awh, or maybe the teachers also will skip school for world cup!;DDD hahahah...

Okay, gotta finish up my komsas. Dua peristiwa yang mengharukan berdasarkan novel papa. Papa, i gotta kritik you for the one whole page wrong. I am about to send a complain letter to the author with my tuition friends to request to change the ending of this novel. LOL.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Sponge Bobs

Hello blog.You're being dead for so long.Im sorry:(Im being very random these days,please don't blame me!:D If you're get annoyed by my singing,please do tell me kay?:D I'll try to control my emotional and the feelings to being hyper=D

I actually did watch FIFA world cup for the first time.Proud of myself!:D New experience watching wif friends and whole bunch of crowds. Haha,it's kinda fun though. Everybody will be cheering for the own team. And i shouted for a off-site goal of Argentina=.= whatthehellla, my image no more already. Don't classify me into crazy women shout for nothing la. Haha..first time watching football at midnight. The next day,I almost can't wake up! O-M-G la,and i reached school with my half eyes and panda eyes:( Hahahahah...

My results not that good anyway:( screwed up everything.Haihs...what a pityful results.The worst in my life man.Feel like crying only.And awh oh, Hari Terbuka,as usual my dad talked alot of bla-bla-bla crap. Feel like finding a hole and bury myself there. Walaupun Pn Tan said me quite good. But my dad still asked alot of thing. All the way sweating,like rain water. Hahah,poor me. Nevermind,case closed now.

I realised that recently,I went for much outings which all were damn fun:D camwhore,took alot of pictures. But the guys were damn potong. Especially PHENG SIEW HO and IAN CHONG. I feel like belasah you both only. Making me taking the camera for so long but cnt even took a proper pictures. Haha, but still fun la cuz can see KOO JIA XIN wore skirt wor 0.o Mel's potluck party was fun too=D took alot of pictures. Still got others, but don't really remember it. So just forget about it!LOL.

YOU,yeah you.I just hope that you don't think much:D Jus believe in me kay? I really will try my best for you. Learn to do something for my love. People said that first love wouldn't end up together. I dunno whether is true anot. But i just will do my best. Get all my love:D The words you said to me yesterday really touched my heart. I feel like we're going back to last time when we first met. hahahah...Looking to all the pictures. I feel so warm and secure. I love you:D

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I want the pink colour soft toy:( so nice!but nobody wanna let me buy:(